Looking a job in Australia

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Are you looking for a job

When you come to Australia and looking for the job in Australia the following is the tip

for interviewing. Becareful...make sure you read all of them and understand all of them. 

Use the most of your interview time

Most people have a nerve-wracking experience, but if you are a little clever research and use some common sense it is possible to ease the nerves and put yourself at the front of the pack to land yourself for that job.

Make yourself impression

85% of the verbal communication in an interview situation is forgotten within one hour of the meeting. So make yourself impression to interviewer

'overall impression' is the most impacting factor attributed to interview awareness, coupled with written information, such as a CV and other documents that show the prospect's skills and accomplishments. This doesn't mean, of course, that what you say doesn't impact or matter, but it does mean that, given a little sensible tweaking, it is possible to maximise on your 'overall impression'.

Creating a great overall impression

first of great thing is dress appropriately. If you have a tendency to be flamboyant, save it until you have the job and dress smartly and conservatively for now. People make conscious and sub-conscious judgements based on details. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in.

Be on time and smile

The more bad impression than a candidate arriving late, flustered, sweating and apologising. If you are meeting someone at an expo and are feeling rushed, take a moment before talking to the employers on each stand, settling and calming yourself. Make eye contact with and be friendly to everyone that you meet, from the receptionist, to the other people in the waiting room. Never discount who has influence or who has the manager's ear.

Smile and firm handshake with your interviewer is essential, combined with eye contact and a genuine smile. All of these actions contribute to creating an impression of being confident, personable and hireable. This first impression can make or break your chances of landing the job based on non-verbal communication. It is also worthwhile noting the interviewer's name and making sure you use it as you shake their hand.

Send the right message

Your body language provides unconscious messages to interviewer and you can use it to your advantage. In the interview, if you are sitting, sit up straight with your hands visible either crossed lightly in your lap or on the table.

Don't lie in an interview. You will either get caught out immediately or once you have landed the job, and either way dishonesty does not sit well with employers. It is better to be honest about your skills and be turned down for the job than to lie and be unable to execute it.

Prove your interviewer right

The Finally, It  is one piece of information that many interview candidates tend to overlook in their nervous state, but it is something worth remembering. The interviewer already thinks you have the skills and believes you are capable for the job before you meet, which is the reason you have an interview. So simply be confident and prove to them that they were right to think that way.

 Good Luck and get a job....


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